Lyophilized Tissue Import Protocol

Below is a protocol for sending lyophilized rice leaf tissue to the McCouch Lab at Cornell University.  You will also need several documents including a permit tag for shipping.  
Please e-mail Sandra Harrington  to request the additional documents , then follow the procedure outlined below.

DO NOT send tissue without a permit tag!  The shipment will not be allowed entry into the US!

Protocol to send dried rice leaf tissue to McCouch Lab at Cornell University in Ithaca,NY
January 27, 2015
Contact: Sandra Harrington,

1. Collect fresh young rice leaf material that is free from any fungus, other infection, pests or dirt and place it in a sealable paper envelope or ziplock style plastic bag. 

2. Add silica to the envelope or bag (amount described below), and seal.
Use a 1:10 ratio of plant material:silica. Thus, to dehydrate 5g of tissue (wet weight), use 50 g of silica. The material should be dry within 24 hours. If it is not, the silica gel may not have been fully dehydrated or the weight ratio was incorrect. When the silica color changes from dehydrated (blue) to hydrated (pink), it indicates the drying process is complete. Silica gel is inert, non-corrosive, non-toxic and reusable. 

*Alternatively, you may freeze-dry each sample, place each in a separate envelope or bag as described above, and seal all samples in a large plastic ziplock bag. 

3. Place all the sealed samples into one large plastic ziplock bag.

 4. Place sealed bag(s) into the shipping envelope/box you will use. 
Also enclose:

The Permit Conditions document
Information for Officers document
Dry Tissue Protocol document
A black and white copy of the permit tag and instructions document
An exact list of the tissue samples you have enclosed
A copy of your commercial invoice

5. PRINT the attached PERMIT TAG in COLOR, cut the tag out and attach the red/white permit tag to the OUTSIDE of your envelope/box using transparent tape where it will NOT be covered by the shipping pouch or anything else. The label must be clearly visible on the outside of the package.  
If the permit tag is not printed in color, the shipment may be destroyed!
This tag is barcoded and can be used only one time.  
DO NOT write on or modify the permit tag in any way!

6. Prepare a commercial invoice on your institution's letterhead. Here is a sample of this document with suggested wording.  Print two copies to put on the OUTSIDE of the package. 

7. Prepare the FedEx (or other carrier) shipping label - use the US Quarantine shipping address ONLY DO NOT USE SUSAN McCOUCH’S ADDRESS AT CORNELL!! (The tissue is inspected at the quarantine station and the officers there know to forward it on to Dr.McCouch.)  The package must be addressed to the same address that is on the permit tag or the package will not be accepted for entry at the quarantine station.  

National Plant Germplasm 
Inspection Station 
USDA PPQ (301-313-9327)
Bldg. 580, BARC-East 
Beltsville, MD 20705

Please let Sandy Harrington know when you have sent the shipment and the carrier and tracking number.