2001 Publications

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Basu D, K Dehesh, HJ Schneider-Poetsch, SE Harrington, SR McCouch and PH Quail (2001) Rice PHYC gene: structure, expression, map position and evolution. Pl Mol Biol 44:27-42

McCouch SR (2001) Genomics and Synteny. Plant Physiol 125:152-155 (Full PDF)

Ishii T, Y Xu, SR McCouch (2001) Nuclear and chloroplast microsatellite variation in A-genome species of rice. Genome 44:648-666

Temnykh S, DeClerck G, Lukashova A, Lipovich L, Cartinhour S and McCouch S (2001) Computational and experimental analysis of microsatellites in rice (Oryza sativa L.): frequency, length variation, transposon associations, and genetic marker potential. Genome Research 11:1441-1452 (Full PDF)