New publication about NRAT1, and nice summary article in the Cornell Chronicle

05/12/14 - Great summary article in a recent issue of the Cornell Chronicle about results coming out of the USDA-NIFA Aluminum tolerance research project, a joint effort between the McCouch Lab and the Kochian Lab. A recent paper produced by postdoc Dr. Jianyong Li, et. al. describes some of the research findings about the NRAT1 transporter in rice and the implications this work could have in improving Al tolerance in other cereal crops. (PNAS 2014, Apr 29;111(17):6503-8)

Panicle imaging platform published in Plant Physiology

04/04/2014 - Sam Crowell, a RiceLab graduate student, has a new paper out in Plant Physiology about a panicle phenotyping platform that he and co-authors have developed which includes a new imaging software package called PANorama.

Bioinformatics Programmer - position filled

10/9/2013 - A bioinformatics programmer position is available immediately in the Rice Diversity project in the McCouch Lab in collaboration with the Mezey Lab in the Cornell Dept of Biological Statistics and Computational Biology. For more information see our Opportunities page.

Postdoctoral Associate - position filled

09/10/2013 - A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the McCouch Lab in collaboration with Leon Kochian (USDA-ARS Robert W. Holley Center for Agriculture and Health) as part of a 3-year USDA-AFRI grant. Research will focus on investigation of the genetics and molecular physiology of aluminum tolerance in rice and other crops. For more information see our Opportunities page.

Fall 2013 Undergraduate Internship - position filled

07/09/2013 - We are seeking an undergraduate intern for the Fall 2013 semester to assist with bioinformatics programming tasks in the lab as part of the NSF Rice Diversity Project. See our Opportunities page for more information.

Fourth Annual Northeast USA Rice Conference

07/08/2013 - The 4th Annual Northeast USA Rice Conference will be held at Akaogi Farm in Westminster West, Vermont on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013 from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The conference will focus on various aspects of rice farming in the Northeast including seed saving, data collection, wildlife conservation, and small-scale rice processing equipment. Featuring: David Mackill (Adjunct Professor, Plant Sciences, UC Davis), Don Brill (engineer,, Conrad Vispo (ecologist, Farmscape Ecology Program, Hawthorne Valley Farm). Deadline for registration July 26th. For more information go to Northeast USA Rice project website.

Next-generation phenotyping review article published

03/10/2012 - A review article entitled Next-generation phenotyping: requirements and strategies for enhancing our understanding of genotype–phenotype relationships and its relevance to crop improvement by Joshua Cobb, a graduate student in the RiceLab, and serveral other lab members, was recently e-published (ahead of print) in Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

3rd Annual Northeast U.S. Rice Conference

07/05/2012 - The Third Annual Northeast USA Rice Conference will be held at Akaogi Farm in Westminster West, Vermont on Saturday, August 4th, 2012 from 9am - 4pm. Lunch will be provided and the conference will focus on rice cuisine, culture, and history in the morning and a farmer's exchange in the afternoon with short presentations by farmers experimenting with rice in VT, NY and other parts of the Northeast. Invited speakers will include Naomi Duguid (Author, Seductions of Rice), Anna McClung (Research Leader, USDA ARS, Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center), and Glenn Roberts (Founder and Seedsman, Ansom Mills). Register early, space is limited! Northeast USA Rice website.

Rice: Research to Production Course at IRRI

06/01/2012 - The 2012 Rice: Research to Production course completed successfully at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines, running from May 15 - June 1, 2012. This year there were twenty seven researchers from all over the world in attendance. Participants learned about the latest techniques and findings in rice research, and got their feet wet (literally!) learning the more practical aspects of rice production. The course culminated with a journey north to the 2000 year old Banaue Rice Terraces. The Rice: Research to Production course is an education and outreach effort of the Rice Diversity project. Susan McCouch co-developed the course and teaches several of the modules each year.

- Genome-wide association mapping reveals a rich genetic architecture of complex traits in Oryza sativa (PDF) by Keyan Zhao, et. al was published today in Nature Communications. This paper describes our recent Rice Diversity GWAS study in which we evaluated 413 diverse accessions of O. sativa from 82 countries for SNP diversity using a rice 44K SNP array and phenotypic variation for 34 traits. The significant heterogeneity was observed in the genetic architecture associated with subpopulation structure and response to environment. This work established an open-source translational platform for GWAS in rice. Cornell's ChronicleOnline published a nice review of the paper.

2nd Annual Northeast U.S. Rice Conference

- Members of the McCouch RiceLab traveled to Akaogi Farm in Putney, Vermont to participate in the 2nd Annual Northeast U.S. Rice Conference on August 6, 2011. For the past several years Linda and Takeshi Akaogi have been growing rice successfully on their small organic farm and have proven that rice can be a viable crop with decent yields in the Northeast. Dr. McCouch and Gen Fumino Onishi (the McCouch Lab's lead greenhouse technician) have been collaborating with the Akaogi's to determine which O. sativa varieties will grow the best in the Northeast U.S. and together they have isolated a few O. sativa japonica varieties from northern Japan that perform quite well. In addition to demonstrating the potential of making use of marginal, waterlogged farmland, the Akaogis have shown that there is great ecological value in their paddies. Not only can a rich range of animal species thrive in the paddies (as they have extensively documented), but Linda and Takeshi see potential for using rice paddies to recycle grey water generated from the farm. For much more information contact the project's Outreach Coordinator, Mia Akaogi, or explore the project website, Growing Rice in the Northeastern US.

Rice and Language Across Asia symposium in Fall 2011

- Cornell University's East Asia Program, Southeast Asia Program, and Department of Linguistics will host and interesting symposium this fall: Rice and Language Across Asia: Crops, Movement, and Social Change. The symposium will take place at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY September 22-25, 2011. The goal of this symposium is to examine the relationship between the beginnings and spread of rice agriculture and cultural and linguistic developments of early Asian societies. We will be joined by archeologists, geneticists, and linguists from across Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. Preview the program here. The symposium is free but pre-registration is required.

RiceLab featured in Ezra Magazine

04/02/2011 - The McCouch RiceLab is featured in EZRA magazine's Spring 2011 issue with the cover article titled "New Tricks for a very old crop."(PDF) Also featured are a video interview with Dr. McCouch, and a reflection written by RiceLab graduate student, Janelle Jung, about her experience at the Rice: Research to Production 3-week summer course which takes place at IRRI in the Philippines.

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