Links of Interest

Bioinformatics tools

  • GBS adaptor designer - Tool created by Deena Bioinfomatics
  • CHARM - Rice marker community portal. McCouch RiceLab project
  • Primer3 - primer design tool
  • NEBcutter V2.0 - DNA sequence tool to find large, non-overlapping, open reading frames and sites for all restriction enzymes
  • CSSL Finder - Program for managing introgression lines
  • EMBOSS - EMBOSS suite of bioinformatics tools hosted by Purdue
  • Galaxy - Bioinformatics workbench
  • Scriptome - Toolbox helping biologists explore and manipulate their data
  • PLINK- Whole genome association analysis toolset
  • Flapjack - Genotype and haplotype visualization

Germplasm resources

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